How Jason Sudeikis’ Kids React To Christmas And Santa Claus?

Jason Sudeikis reveals on how his kids react to Christmas and Santa Claus.

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The “Horrible Bosses” star and his partner Olivia Wilde are parents to son Otis and Daisy. Although their 14-month-old daughter is too young to get excited about Christmas, their three-year-old son has figured out his wish list. Unfortunately, the adorable preschooler does know all the fuss over Santa Claus. The actor dishes that his son knows Santa is a thing. They can’t use him as the disciplinarian that Santa is for most households because the tot thinks Santa is like a FedEx guy. Meanwhile, Jason describes his daughter as cute as a pie but the tot is dealing a stage of making loud noises to get attention. He feels embarrassed during a recent family trip to Hawaii because Daisy starts to tell at the top of her lungs, which causes dismay of fellow travellers.

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