Jay Leno Will Appear on ‘Oprah’ After Being Blamed For Conan’s Departure

Jay Leno, who was linked to NBC’s scheduling fiasco, will have a chance to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey after the late night TV host was believed to be a villain in the situation with Conan O’Brien.

The late night TV host will tell his side of the story in order to shed off the image that he is to be blamed for Conan’s departure from “The Tonight Show”. It was believed that Conan O’Brien is forced to quit when Jay wants his old job back. The appearance of Jay on ‘Oprah’ will possibly restore his reputation.

Oprah announced on January 22 that she will have a quick interview with Jay in Los Angeles and the episode is scheduled to air on next Thursday. Meanwhile, it was finalized on January 21 that Conan O’Brien is to leave his eight-month stint starting Friday for a total of $45 million. Jay Leno will take back his job hosting “Tonight Show” on March 1.

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