Rehab Clinic’s Allegedly Tried To Cover Tiger Woods’ Stay With A Look-A-Like

Tiger Woods, who was believed to be treated at rehab clinic in Mississippi, became the center of speculation of having a look-a-like, who was spotted out in front of a group of paparazzi.

A fuzzy photo of the golfer may have been mistaken for a look-a-like, according to various reports. Another report claimed that Tiger’s look-a-like could be an effort to cover up the golfer’s stay in a sexual addiction clinic. Although the look-a-like had similar features, clothing and jewelry like Tiger, the unidentified man has a different build, is taller, lighter skinned and has a rounder face. Not to mention, the real Tiger wore only ankle socks on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the fuzzy photo, which was believed to be the exclusive photos of the real Tiger Woods in rehab, is not yet confirmed or denied by the golfer’s representatives.

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