Jennifer Aniston Is Not Going To Date A Normal Guy

Perhaps it has no surprise if Jennifer Aniston would be seen holding hands with her co-star Gerard Butler. Her pals revealed that the actress will pursue only guys who could keep her as high profile as possible.

A source revealed of the “The Bounty Hunter” star: “Jennifer won’t date a normal guy.”

On the reason why she won’t date a normal guy, the insider continued: “She goes after the hottest thing of the moment, what she knows will get her the most time in the spotlight.”

Right now, the 40-year-old actress is currently filming “The Bounty Hunter” with Gerard Butler, who previously starred in The Ugly Truth (which made $27 million in its opening weekend).

The former “Friends” beauty was previously linked to Bradley Cooper, who anchored The Hangover, which has earned more than $400 million worldwide since hitting theaters in June.

She’s also dated John Mayer (who won five Grammys in 2009 alone), and of course was wed to Brad Pitt — arguably the biggest star in Hollywood.

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