Jessica Alba Prefers Game Than Parties At Night

Jessica Alba would prefer to stay at home and play games with her friends than hang out at Hollywood parties.


The Good Luck Chuck actress can’t understand why so many young stars hit the club scene in Los Angeles. It is because it seems too much like hard work to her.

She revealed, “I feel like if I’m in the public eye, I’m working, I’m not trying to let it all hang out at a premiere or at… any kind of awards show. I’d rather stay home and play Jenga with a twist, cook some pasta.”

As for the game “Jenga”, she added, “We write really embarrassing things on the Jenga pieces, so that everytime someone picks it out, they get to do fun stuff, like put the person to the left of you’s toe in your mouth! We also do this charades-type game and we play Pictionary.”

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