Jessica Alba Tired Of Being Hot?

Jessica Alba, the star of “Fantastic Four”, wants movie executives to get past her “hotness.”


The 26-year-old actress is sick of being viewed as a sex symbol and wants to land some serious acting roles.

Jessica Alba revealed, “I hope all my new work will help producers in getting past my hotness.”

The actress has five films coming out this summer, including comic book blockbuster “Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer,” comedy “Good Luck Chuck” and thriller “Awake.”

She revealed, “I try not to make the headlines. I’m self-conscious about this. I try to not make my presence known. I have my own fashion style and do not try to fit in. I don’t have my breasts under my chin, I’m not showing butt cheeks, nor much legs. I don’t go for the trendiest look.”

The actress recently claimed that she wants to be a “serious actress” and does not want her movies to be all about “me in a bikini.”