Kate Middleton & Prince William Kissed During A Freezing Shoot

Kate Middleton joined Prince William on a pheasant shoot in Windsor Great Park.


The brunette beauty helped the 25-year-old prince collect the birds he had shot and throw them into a game cart.

She was rewarded for her efforts with an affectionate stroke of the head as Prince William snuggled up for a kiss.

According to friends, the couple, which split up in late spring but got back to get her again six weeks later, are more in love than ever.

Kate Middleton was wearing a brown hip-length jacket and fur hat and Prince William was sporting a more traditional look with his wax jacket and tweed cap.

They headed into a small copse from which a barrage of shots rang out, bringing down several dozen birds.

An onlooker revealed, “It wasn’t clear whether Kate was actually shooting, but she had no qualms about joining in to pick up the pheasants. Afterwards, they cuddled up together, Kate snuggling her head into William’s neck as he put his arm around her. They really couldn’t have been closer.”

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