Zac Efron Loses Out To Chace Crawford In Hotter Look-alike Hunk Poll

Zac Efron has Vanessa Hudgens for a sweetheart girlfriend. Chace Crawford may have a bit more since he is dating America’s sweetheart Carrie Underwood.


But the question that is asked in the poll made by Us Weekly magazine is a simple one and the answer is a puzzler.

The magazine has an online poll where they ask, “High School Musical’s Zac Efron, 20, and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford, 22, hit it big this year. With their blue eyes, boyish bangs and bushy eyebrows, both eerily resemble each other. The poll question, “Who’s the hotter look-alike hunk?”

Zac Efron was a popularly known as movie star that dominated the year at the box office and on Internet search engines everywhere. Chace seems fine, but his main claim to fame is that he is Carrie’s boyfriend.

The poll results: Zac is losing out to Chace by a two-to-one margin. Maybe the results will change later in the day when school lets out and the High School Musical hunk’s fans make their way online. As of this time that I am writing this post, Zac Efron got 30% (893 votes) while Chace Crawford garnered 70% (2100 votes).

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