Katy Perry Snubbed An Aussie Designer

An Australian fashion designer, who was involved in a legal dispute with US pop star Katy Perry over their shared name, revealed that her attempt to extend an olive branch has failed.

Katie Perry, who was a Sydney designer that owns a lounge wear clothing label, was asked by the singer’s lawyers in May to withdraw her trademark application to use her name for her label.

But the singer dropped the case just hours before it was set for court.

The designer has also revealed that she was was keen to meet her namesake, whose real name is Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson, when she was in the country last week, but this was rejected.

Perry’s agent Nicholas Karandonis said in a statement: “Katie wanted to meet Ms Hudson, let her know there’s no hard feelings and give her a few of her garments to make peace and extend the proverbial olive branch,” told AAP in a statement.

“But Ms Hudson, through her record company EMI, rejected the offer on the grounds she was pressed for time.

“She didn’t even have the five minutes or so that would have seen them meet and exchange pleasantries.”

The legal issue with the Aussie designer was off-limits during Perry’s media interviews last week with the plug being temporarily pulled on one television interview amid concern the topic was being raised.

Karandonis said the singer had set a bad example for her teenage fans by not meeting with Perry.

“The US singer missed a golden opportunity to win back some of the fans she turned off during this whole affair,” he said.

But on the upside, the publicity has not been all-bad for the Sydney designer – who is now in talks to supply garments to a major retail outlet.

Comment was being sought from EMI.

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