Kelly Osbourne Thought That Paparazzi Are Dangerous

Kelly Osbourne, which is reality television star, blamed their frenzied behavior around certain celebrities as “dangerous”.

Kelly Osbourne Thought That Paparazzi Are Dangerous

The 23-year-old singer claimed that she was on a night out after the Nme Awards in London earlier this year (08) when awaiting press launched into a tirade of abuse towards her and model pal Kate Moss.

And Kelly Osbourne even alleges one photographer got physical, hitting her with a camera when the media onslaught became too boisterous.

She revealed, “I know when you become famous, you sell your soul to the devil.

But it’s dangerous. I have this bruise – that’s from a cameraman. He slammed his camera on my wrist. There were so many, and they were pushing.

She added, “I had a great time after the Nme Awards, it started to go bad when the paparazzi began making horrible comments as we were leaving, to get a reaction”.

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