Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show

Dina, mother of Lindsay Lohan, will “set the record straight” about her showbiz family in a new reality show.

Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show

Dina Lohan would showed off her life as manager of Lindsay and her other daughter Ali’s showbiz careers and she promises her A-list offspring will make an appearance to boost ratings.

She revealed, “This show is more about our family, and Ali’s music, and what we do. Setting the record straight about what’s been written about our family.

She continued, “Lindsay will be in and out of the show. She’s my daughter!” But Dina’s ex-husband Michael is skeptical of the role his elder daughter will play in the show – and insists he is having nothing to do with it.”

She added, “Lindsay told me ‘absolutely not’ when I asked if she was going to be involved. “I don’t have any interest in that. I’m working for the church and I’m working on a mission for a crisis center.”

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