Megan Fox Is Scared of Angelina Jolie’s Power

Transformers star Megan Fox is regularly compared to actress Angelina Jolie but she revealed she is actually scared of the star.

Megan Fox

The 22-year-old sexy actress revealed in Scottish newspaper: “I’m actually frightened of her. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her and I try to avoid that because I’m afraid.”

She continued: “She’s a powerful person and I bet she would eat me alive. There have been a lot of films I’ve had to pass on because I don’t want people thinking I’m trying to emulate her.”

On her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, Fox said: “She’s a piece of artwork to me. I committed to having her face on my arm for the rest of my life, so I have to be a pretty big fan.”

She adds, “Not in the sense that I ever want to emulate her. I just have a connection that I had from childhood. It’s what you’re exposed to and what makes sense to you when you’re a kid. I got it done after the first Transformers.”