Meghan Markle Took Her Beagle To Montecito Farmer’s Market

Meghan Markle emerged from seclusion on Friday to visit her neighborhood farmer’s market, only days after her shocking Netflix docuseries with Prince Harry received no Emmy nominations.

The Duchess of Sussex was seen visiting the Montecito Farmer’s Market near her $14.7 million property. Although her husband did not accompany her, the 41-year-old Duchess was escorted by her security detail and one of her beloved pet beagles. She also appeared to ignore the market’s ban on dogs. The former “Suits” actress was wearing a white unbuttoned collared shirt over a brown maxi dress, black flip-flops, and sunglasses while moving from tent to tent as well as browsing various collections of things. She bought a bouquet of fresh flowers and placed them in a large and woven straw tote. She also paused to sample some honey from a vendor at one point. The weekly market, which takes place on the 1100 and 1200 blocks of Coast Village Road, has a ‘NO DOGS ALLOWED’ sign posted outside. Although the brunette beauty managed to stay mostly under the radar, she remained cordial and smiled politely at the few residents who did recognize her. Her security kept a close eye on her and her dog during her shopping at the market. According to the website, the farmer’s market is hosted weekly throughout the community, alternating along four portions of the 1100 and 1200 blocks of Coast Village Road in the primary retail area of Montecito. Because of its picturesque setting and private houses, the rich coastal hamlet has grown in popularity among Hollywood stars over the years. Meanwhile, Meghan’s recent appearance comes after Netflix’s Harry & Meghan was ignored by Emmy voters regardless of its successful debut in December. However, the show managed to get a nomination for Best Streaming Nonfiction from the Hollywood Critics Association on Wednesday.