Meghan Markle Watched Prince Harry’s Polo Match In Santa Barbara

On Friday, Meghan Markle witnessed Prince Harry lose a polo semi-final in Santa Barbara.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a denim blouse and shorts, as well as flat Grecian-style leather sandals. She was on the sidelines of the polo field, cheering on her husband’s team as they battled for a position in their league final. Under the alias, Harry Wales, the Duke of Sussex joined the Los Padres polo team in May and has spent the previous few weeks playing alongside his teammates. Nacho Figueras, who was an Argentine polo professional and model, and a longtime friend of the prince, formed the squad, which competed in the Pacific Coast Circuit Inter-Circuit Cup. Figueras was known to be a polo pro and Ralph Lauren model, is one of his teammates, as are Keko Magrini and Juan Guerrero. Meanwhile, the team lost a semi-final match against Folded Hills on Friday, meaning they will not compete in the Pacific Coast Circuit Intra-Circuit Cup final on Sunday.

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