Meghan Markle’s Personalized Necklace With M And H Initials

Meghan Markle was flaunting her gold necklace decorated with her and boyfriend’s initials when she was picking up bouquets of flowers.

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The “Suits” star was wearing a personalized version of the Maya Brenner necklace, which was 14 karats gold asymmetrical letter necklace and it included small M and H letters. Other celebrities, who wear Maya Brenner’s jewelry, were Kendall Jenner, Mila Kunis and Ashley Graham. A spokeswoman for the jewelry company also revealed that the necklace was available in white, yellow and rose gold versions. The price of the necklace with one letter was $240 and an extra $60 for an additional letter. Meanwhile, Meghan and Prince Harry previously sported matching beaded bracelets.

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