Member of Sugababes Reunited With Boyfriend Who Allegedly Raped Her Sister

Amelle Berrabah, the member of the group “Sugababes”, has been reunited with boyfriend Freddie Fuller – a month after he was arrested for the alleged rape of her younger sister.


Amelle, 22-year-old singer, is reportedly giving Freddie Fuller another chance. Matthew Bath, the uncle of Freddie Fuller revealed, “Amelle and Freddie started up again last week after chatting for ages over the past couple of weeks. He begged her to believe that he had nothing to do with the attack and after Amelle spoke to some other friends, she agreed to see Freddie again. She’s been round to see him quite a few times since and they are working things out.” He added, “Amelle is stuck in the middle and she doesn’t know what to do. She knows Freddie’s innocent but she wants to look after her little sister too. But Freddie has told Amelle he will take a lie detector test with the police to prove his innocence.”

Samiyah Berrabah, 20-year-old sister of Amelle, was allegedly attacked in a home on a travelers’ site in Surrey, England last January. Freddie Fuller, 24, John Carny, 22, and two friends were arrested for suspicion of serious sexual assault last February 4.

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