Bodyguards of Leonardo DiCaprio Face Assault Charges

Israeli police have revealed that they were deciding whether to charge assault charges against the two bodyguards of Leonardo DiCaprio. The two bodyguards were arrested after they were involved in a fight with photographers in Jerusalem on Monday.

The brawl of the bodyguards with paparazzi happened when the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli took a private tour of the tunnels next to the Western Wall. Approximately twenty photographers, together with a crowd of fans and curiosity-seekers, waited for the 32-year-old actor to come out of the tunnel. The photographers gathered around as DiCaprio got into a van, and security guards tried to shoo them away.

Israeli authorities are considering whether to file charges against the two bodyguards for the “unnecessary” assault. It was reported that three photographers were injured in the incident.

Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesman, revealed, “We understand it was the photographers who were attacked. The photographers didn’t attack the security guards. It’s very clear it was an unnecessary incident.” He admitted that he did not know when a decision to press charges would be made.

Shawn Sachs, the publicist of Leonardo DiCaprio, said the blame rested solely with the photographers. He revealed, “Leo is horrified that anyone might have gotten hurt in this situation, but the paparazzi really made this happen.”

The two bodyguards were released without charge. According to the spokesman of Leonardo DiCaprio, local officials issued a restraining order on Wednesday against several of the paparazzi involved in the brawling incident.