Michael Jackson’s Kids Have Allowance Increase

Michael Jackson’s kids have had their monthly allowance increased after the lawyers for the late singer’s estate appealed to raise the sum paid to Katherina Jackson because the $60,000 is not enough for taking care of Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II, who is known as Blanket.

In a hearing in the previous Monday, Judge Mitchell Beckloff was asked to increase “the family allowance to the children”, with attorneys submitting a figure for the judge to consider. It is still uncertain what the additional money would be used for and their lawyers declined to reveal why the money was needed.

Meanwhile, it was believed that Michael’s kids did not spend Christmas with their grandmother, who is a Jehovah’s Witness that doesn’t celebrate the holiday. The kids reportedly spent time with family friends arranged by their nanny Grace Rwaramba. They seemed fine, well adjusted; they’re doing their school work.

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