Nick Lachey Ends Jessica Reunion Speculation

Vanessa and Nick may be history, as are Jessica and Tony, but don’t be getting ideas that Simpson and Lachey will try again at love.

Nick Lachey

Nick says no way.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are a former married couple and stars of the reality show Newlyweds, and are conveniently single again at the same time. Despite numerous tabloids and reports that the two may reconnoiter, Lachey told People magazine he has no plans to revisit history.

“I think it’s fun storytelling, but there’s very little truth to any of it,” Lachey told People. “I certainly have heard about her breakup and I wish her the best, as I’ve always done. Aside from that, there really is nothing to say.”

“I haven’t talked to her in probably two years,” Lachey told People. “I wish her happiness. That’s where it pretty much ends.”

Girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo is also history, and Lachey seems no worse for the wear. “I’m in a good place,” he told People. “I’ve learned, through years of not only being in this business, but being in relationships, that you have to take it as it goes. With every experience, you learn something about your life, and you try to take that and move on and be a better person because of it. We’ll see what happens.”

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