Penelope Cruz’ Platonic Love

Penelope Cruz, who was reported to be pregnant, and director Pedro Almodovar are “like lovers”.

“Broken Embrace” star and the gay movie maker have collaborated on several films and know each other so well they are practically in a relationship.

Pedro dished the scoop: “There is something that works really well in our relationship that combines both our friendship and the professional side. We operate like lovers. So while we don’t have the pleasure of sex, we don’t have the complications of sex either. We work really well as a couple who don’t sleep together.”

Penelope, who is currently linked to Javier Bardem, thought her relationship with Pedro as more than just a friendship as she revealed: “There is no one even close to him. I am always comparing everything to working with him.”

On his admiration for the 35-year-old actress, Pedro added: “Out of all the actresses I have worked with, Penelope has been the one who has caused a sense of desire in me beyond the sensuality of a film shoot. She has caused me sexual desire.”

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