‘William’ Proposes To Kate Middleton

There is a footage showing William proposing to Britain’s Kate Middleton has been leaked on the internet.

It is a sad situation for Kate Middleton, who is the girlfriend of Prince William because the video was recorded 14 years ago. At that time, the brunette beauty played the lead in her school’s production of the Victorian melodrama ‘Murder in the Red Barn’.

When she appeared in the play, Kate was only 13 years old. A fellow student Kingsley Glover – who played a handsome young royal named William – get down on one knee and profess his love for her.

Earlier in the play, a fortune-teller reads Kate’s palm, telling her she will meet a “handsome, rich gentleman”.

Thrilled, Kate said: “It is all I have ever hoped for. Will he fall in love with me? And marry me? And take me away from here?”

The soothsayer replied: “Indeed he will. You will move to London.”

Kate then clutches her chest and wailed: “Oh, how my heart flutters!”

The play was staged by students at St Andrews preparatory school in Reading, south west England, in 1995.

The video recording of the play was posted on the internet after it was used in a German documentary about Kate’s real-life romance with Prince William.

Meanwhile, the couple have flown to the Caribbean island of Mustique, fueling speculation life may be about to imitate art.

Friends think William and Kate – who are staying in a £2,000 per night villa – may finally get engaged on the romantic holiday.

A source revealed: “They are having a fantastic time. Kate and William have been spending a lot of time on the beach and William has been showing off his skills on the jet ski.

The source added: “They are having the time of their lives and haven’t stopped smiling since they got here.”