Prince William Remembers His Sorrow After Princess Diana’s Death

Prince William sympathized with a bereaved schoolboy, promising him that things will get ‘better’ during a visit to a vulnerable people’s center.

Princess Diana, the Duke of Cambridge’s mother, died when he was 15 years old in 1997. After learning that his mother, Grace Taylor, died last year at the age of 28, the 39-year-old prince informed Deacon Glover that he understands how the boy feels. He said it was simpler if he put his hand on his shoulder. During a visit to Church on the Street in Burnley, Lancashire, where the royal couple spent around 15 minutes chatting to the kid and his great-grandmother, Carole Ellis, the royal couple spent about 15 minutes talking to the schoolboy and his great-grandmother. They posed for photographs with families at a happier moment, and Kate found herself cradling a three-and-a-half-month-old baby girl. While standing alongside her parents, Trudi, a volunteer, and Alastair Barrie, a member of the centre’s committee, she cooed at Anastasia Barrie.