Prince William’s Creativity Joke In White City, West London

Prince William visited the OnSide Youth Zone in West London, where he joined in various activities with the youngsters.

Prince William's Creativity Joke In White City, West London

These included decorating biscuits and shooting hoops on the basketball court. During the biscuit decorating session in the training kitchen, the Prince of Wales jokingly teased his lack of artistic flair, remarking that his wife and even his children were more creatively inclined than he was. His comment likely drew some attention amid ongoing discussions about the Princess of Wales. Throughout his time there, Prince William stressed the importance of reducing screen time and participating in activities away from electronic devices. He commended the organization for providing a secure and educational environment for young people. In addition to participating in activities, the prince engaged with staff and supporters, promoting the development of confidence and social skills among the youth. His visit was to lend support to the newly established youth facility, which aims to empower young individuals in the area by offering opportunities for skill-building and confidence enhancement.

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