Princess Kate’s Few Beauty Secrets Revealed

Princess Kate is popular for her easygoing and natural beauty style, and a recent report dished the scoop about her seven beauty tricks.

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These tricks are good for any teen who wants to rock her iconic look at home. Let’s break down the seven rules that are simple to follow. The first rule is applicable to cool lipstick colors. The Duchess of Cambridge avoided the bold lipstick colors. She seemed to love chill natural or pinkish shades. It’s all about keeping it laid-back on the lips. The second rule is to keep it simple. The brunette beauty never had too much makeup on her face. She maintained glowing skin, strong brows, and a hint of rosy blush. Sometimes, she only had a smoky eye for big events; otherwise, it’s a chill, natural look. The third rule is to make the makeup stay put. A little secret weapon might be some primer and setting spray to make sure her makeup doesn’t fade. The fourth rule: her hair and makeup are effortlessly elegant, regardless of the weather conditions. How did she do it? She had regular blow drys. She tried applying a full face of makeup and having her hair done just hours after the birth of her kids for the royal photocall on the steps of the private maternity ward. The fifth rule: is a well-maintained hairstyle. Her brown hair is always perfectly styled by having regular appointments with a colorist. She sticks to her natural color and avoids any wild hair colors based on the royal rules. This keeps her hair looking sharp and free of any sneaky gray strands. The sixth rule is soft eye makeup. Unless it’s a special night out, Princess Kate chose to wear easy and natural eyeshadows during the day. It’s all about a little eyeliner, a touch of brown eyeshadow, and some mascara to achieve those stunning eyes. Last, but not the least, take it easy on the contouring. She maintains her youthful complexion with a dewy foundation and liquid highlighter. This technique gave a subtle accentuation of her cheekbones without the dramatic effects of a contouring shade. In conclusion, Princess Kate’s beauty tips are all about keeping it simple and looking effortlessly cool. Now, if you’re a teen wanting to copy her style, these tricks should be handy. Now, is it time for you to get that royal glow?

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