Reese Witherspoon On Kids, Jake & Working With Vince Vaughn

Reese Witherspoon graces the cover of November’s Vogue as she talked about kids, Jake Gyllenhaal, new film and working with Vince Vaughn.

Reese Witherspoon

The “Four Christmases” star, who is currently dating Jake Gyllenhaal, lives out a fashion fantasy in Paris with a new look, a new man, and newfound happiness.

Here is the highlights of her interview:

On Jake Gyllenhaal: “He’s very supportive. Suffice it to say, I’m very happy in life, and I’m very lucky to have a lot of really supportive people around me who care very much for me, and, you know, that’s all you can hope for in life. I am very blessed in that way.”

On traveling with her children: “I’m very lucky I get to bring my children to great places and they get to see the world with me, and we get to grow and learn and experience things together.”

On life: “Every once in a while you’re hit with moments when you think, really? This is my life. How lucky am I?

On making Four Christmases: “There are so many dynamics that people deal with all the time, and you don’t really see it in movies very much. You don’t see the blended-family Christmas very much. And it really is a complication in a lot of people’s lives now. How do you see your mother and your father and not hurt anyone’s feelings? You know, I didn’t grow up like that. I mean, my parents are still married, and my grandparents stayed married, but it’s a situation my own children will have to deal with, so it was of interest to me.”

On working with Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases: “Vince is the funniest person I’ve ever worked with in my entire life,” she says. “There were days when we were shooting things, I would laugh so hard it would ruin the take, and I was afraid I was going to pee on myself, it was so funny.”

On playing a superhero in Monsters vs. Aliens: “I have a history, a long history of being stereotyped as a five-foot-two woman, which is very limiting. I’ve worked so hard to create characters that have dignity, and I think everybody knows that I have a very pro-woman message in my work — and in my life.”

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