Rihanna: Seventeen’s Style Star of The Year

Rihanna, who is on Seventeen magazine’s December cover, grabbed the Seventeen Magazine’s first-ever Style Award.

The 19-year-old R&B star revealed that she’s always been into fashion, saying, “Well, I love playing with fashion. I’m very spontaneous — the best outfits from me come from not thinking about it. When I was growing up in Barbados, I actually learned about fashion from reading magazines and tearing out stuff that I thought was hot.”

She added, “I always turn the music on. I just blast it. And it’s always fun when my girlfriends are around! You do each other’s makeup and each other’s hair, and you help each other pick out clothes. That’s the fun part. It’s more fun getting ready than actually being at the party.”

Gina Kelly, Seventeen’s fashion director who helped choose this year’s “Style Stars,” revealed, “In some ways, it’s the younger generation of celebrities who enjoy the most influence over the fashion world because they’re the ones willing to take the risks that inspire new trends. All the people we picked are true to their own style.”

And when it comes to Rihanna, the fashion director commented, “I love her because she’s not like anyone else out there. It starts with her haircut. When she started out, it was long and pretty, but when she got the asymmetrical bob, she just started to break out, and then she got a cool new wardrobe to match her cool new hair.”

Other trend-setters picked as as winners of this year’s Seventeen Style Stars including Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Jordin Sparks, Stacy Ferguson, Lauren Conrad, Ashlee Simpson, and Lil Mama.

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