Rita Ora Is Accused of Encouraging Racial Ambiguity Or Blackfishing

Rita Ora became the center of a tweet, which accused her of blackfishing even though she had a white parentage.

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The 29-year-old singer previously had worn cornrows, laid edges and other fashion statements, which was inspired by Black culture. And she also paired her fashion with her tanned skin. In this way, people incorrectly thought that she is Black or mixed-race. It was reported that the singer’s family is originally from Kosovo. In an interview, the singer admitted that everyone usually assumed that she was half-Black and half-white but she insisted that she’s Albanian. Now, people on Twitter have been accusing her of intentionally creating the impression of “blackfishing.” Other people slammed Jay-Z’s Roc Nation for marketing her as racially ambiguous or similar to Rihanna. Meanwhile, the representatives for Rita Ora did not make a comment regarding the issue.

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