Selena Gomez Is Interviewed By Vogue Magazine

Selena Gomez talks about the things that she will tell her 15-year-old self in Vogue’s “73 Questions.”

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The ” Wizards of Waverly Place” star answers few questions: Her biggest pet peeve are people who are rude, her spirit animal is Meryl Streep, shoulder pads is her fashion regrets, chocolate cake is her favorite dessert, her biggest surprise is romantic dinner on a rooftop and her best gift is a jewelry box. On the advice that she will tell to her younger self: “Go ahead and do it because you’re going to do it anyway.” She sees herself in 10 years as someone who is “hopefully happy.” It is surprising that she loves depressing things because it makes her most creative. She added that the title of her life that will turn into a song is called, “I’m Still Figuring It All Out.”

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