Stephanie Edwards, American Idol Contestant, Talked About Being Voted Off


Stephanie Edwards, a 19-year-old contestant in “American Idol”, was not included in the top ten of “American Idol”. As for her departure, she revealed, I just felt that I lost myself in the mix of [the judges] comparing me to other contestants. I was trying to please the judges, and I should have just pleased myself, and pleased America, obviously, because they are the ones who are voting. It was up to them in the end. I just lost myself. That is the only thing I can say.”

When the judges compared her to other contestants like Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle, Stephanie Edwards decided to sing a ballad for the British Invasion-themed performance night instead of her normal up-tempo tunes.

Stephanie Edwards revealed, “I should have stuck to what I know best, which is put on a show, and just performed more, and not [done] all the belting.”

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