Victoria Beckham’s Secret Surgery Revealed

Victoria Beckham, who has addiction to vertiginous stilettos, may soon find herself wearing hospital bandages on her feet.


The former member of Spice Girls has told friends that her bunions are now so bad she is seriously considering having an operation to remove them.

The scale of Victoria’s painful bunion problem was laid bare recently when she was snapped in a pair of spiked Mulberry sandals. Now a friend Posh Spice revealed, “Victoria has had enough of having bad feet and has made some early-stage inquiries about having her rather unpleasant bunions removed. They are causing her a considerable amount of pain, so much so that she thinks the only thing to do is to have surgery.”

A friend added, “She knows the operation is unpleasant and she will be out of action for a while, but she thinks it may be worth it. It is something she will probably have done in the States when the family is fully settled in LA.”

Victoria revealed, “I hate my feet, they are the most disgusting thing about me. Part of the reason I wear such amazing shoes is to take the eye away from my horrid feet and on to the stunning shoes.”

A spokesman for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists revealed, “The operation takes about an hour and is usually performed under a local anesthetic. It is important to rest for three days afterwards and stitches are usually removed after two weeks.”