Adam Lambert’s Regal Pose

All hail King Glambert! American Idol fave Adam Lambert recently sat for a photo session with photographer Robert Sebree, the results of which include the regal pose seen below.

Adam Lambert

The American Idol runner-up has previously added producer Max Martin (Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You, Britney Spears’ … Baby One More Time, Pink’s So What) to the list of collaborators for his forthcoming album.

Meanwhile, His fans just love him too much. And in very bizarre ways.

As the American Idol fave recently mentioned, his admirers are fond of pelting him with sex toys at his concerts, and that’s exactly what happened at his August 14 show at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Judging from Adam Lambert’s reaction, he wasn’t too happy about it.



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  • Fleeisme

    Not my favorite, the chair yeah, the Hat? Elizabethan collar? do without. however the red shoes pics are hot, Pop Goes the Camera!! Sometimes less is more.

  • Gwen

    Regal? No, this is just grotesque – and this is coming from a huge Adam fan. What is he emulating here? Because the vibe isn’t dark prince so much as court jester – pale, puffy and sullen after too many nights of mocking and being mocked.

  • JLM

    This entire photo shoot can be found on the web. It is amazing and Adam is just stunningly beautiful. Combine that with his totally remarkable vocal talent and control – Adam is the whole package and a super star in the making.

  • Mia

    Adam is the sexiest man alive. I know he’s gay, but what a gorgeous man! I can so appreciate the eye candy plus he is intelligent and so well spoken and positive. I love his creative spirit

  • Sorry for Adam

    What are his handlers THINKING? It’s never been in Adam’s character to project negative energy, but that is what this image does. Sullen is not cool. Debauched is not sexy!

  • anna

    What was he thinking? He looks overweight and angry, kind of like King Henry the VIII. I love Adam , but this is awful.

  • Gina

    The ruff, the silly hat, the sour facial expression…. This is NOT the Adam we love. Maybe they were going for the tragic vibe, but this isn’t tragic so much as bitter and self-loathing – somewhere between Rigoletto and a certain syphilitic Tudor king. Maybe they shouldn’t have been doing the photo shoot when Adam is at the peak of exhaustion from the tour…. Or maybe the photographer just doesn’t understand that we love Adam’s POSITIVE vibe (even when he’s doing tragic in the fog) and don’t want even the suggestion of a burn-out case. As for the other photos? They go too far the other direction and turn him into a 1960s boy toy. I think I really hate this photographer.

  • RoRo

    LOL! Henry the VIII meets goth! Love the red shoes, though, from this shoot. Take me to Kansas, Babe! Can I buy you a drink?

  • andrea

    I love it. It’s a really interesting photograph with amazing texture. People need to calm down- it’s art!

  • annar

    I love this picture because it is so over the top, just like Adam!