Adam Lambert’s Smear Caused By Clay Aiken Fans?

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert had turned into a terror on the publicity trail, with people who had supposedly worked with him characterizing the singer as “such a diva” and “rude to everyone.”

Adam Lambert

And now, claims the blog Clay Aiken 411, the true source of the story has been revealed.

The site says that fans of former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken—popularly known as “Claymates”—orchestrated the story in an effort to “get even” with Lambert.

There’s been increasing bad blood between Aiken and Lambert in the past couple of weeks. After Aiken slammed Lambert’s performance on his Web site, Lambert cheekily shot back that Aiken was trying to “ride my coattails.”

And now, it appears, the escalating feud may have led Clay’s fans to engage in a touch of character assassination.

Luckily, Adam has the support of good friends to get him through these difficult times.

Though even when he has been prodded to stir controversy, Adam has so far refused. Though Adam has neither confirmed or denied rumors about his sexual orientation and all of the scandal about the idol votes, he has always remained supportive of the show and his friend Kris Allen, the guy that beat him and the American idol champ. Both have been very classy.



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  • Haupia

    This is such a bogus issue. Clay’s and Adam’s fans are being played by John Paulus. John is gay and had been stalking Clay for years and had even attend a few of his concerts where I witnessed extra security when I was at one of his concerts. Now that he’s got new meat to go after he’s enjoying being a famewhore. Adam and his fans need to watch out for this guy.

  • jit

    (Except for the AI judges) Out all the celebrities or famous people in the world, there is only ONE celebrity who made the headlines by badmouthing Lambert’s singing. And it was Clay Aiken. Shame on Clay Aiken. Was a die-hard Clay Aiken fan before that incident BUT NOT ANYMORE. I wasted my time being addicted to CLAY AIKEN in the past and thought he was a good person. A fan no more. Don’t want to hear him sing nor see him nor hear his CDs. Lost all respect for him. Clay was a disappointment. Adam Lambert should just ignore him as if he does not exist. That would be the end of it. But knowing Clay, he’ll probably keep going because he wants some attention. I hope Adam Lambert is not another Clay Aiken.

  • Adam Lambert is a very talented singer and i admire most of his performance. i wish that he had won the contest though.