Angelina Jolie Rumored To Be Pregnant Again

Angelina Jolie became the center of the pregnancy rumors after the U.S. magazine claimed that the actress is three months pregnant with her seventh child.

Angelina Jolie

Weekly magazine In Touch, which broke the news of Angelina Jolie’s second pregnancy with twins, is adamant that the actress is expecting another child in the new year.

In an ‘exclusive’ report the magazine, which hits news stands tomorrow, indicated: “An excited Angie can’t stop talking about the new baby. So why doesn’t Brad seem thrilled?”

Angelina Jolie and partner Brad Pitt’s spokesman has denied the claims, leading other U.S. outlets to rubbish the claims.

However In Touch has consistently repeated the reports in recent weeks as th actress hit the cover of the magazine with a caption: Pregnancy Joy. According to the magazine, Angelina Jolie can’t stop boasting about her next baby, but her partner feels overwhelmed.

Angelina Jolie and Pitt are already parents to three adopted children and three biological children, with twins Vivienne and Knox just four months old.

In recent weeks Angelina Jolie has given countless interviews about her desire to expand their family even further.

At the launch of the DVD for Kung Fu Panda last week she told reporters: “Anything could happen. We’re open to anything, we love kids and we’re having a great time. It’s chaos in our house, but it’s so much fun. We’ll definitely have more.”

And she added that she couldn’t be happier with Pitt, saying: “He’s the best daddy and we have fun, so whenever it gets hard we can just look at each other and find a way to laugh about and just appreciate that they’re only little once, and we should enjoy every minute.”



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  • Viesta

    I feel bad for Brad, he must really be in the Pitts. Ange it seems thinking that if she stays preg for good, she will keep her man, not the case, I can see that Brad and Ange will be over by 2009 – she will be stuck with the kids she JUST HAD TO have, Brad will wonder why he ever let his mid-life crisis get so out of control and continue doing good works around the world, while having small, quiet dinners with Jenn here and there, his real love, everyone knows that, it is a fact Angelina ya dreama!