Brad Pitt Makes Her Mom Pick Angelina Jolie Over Jennifer Aniston Or Lose Me?

Jane Pitt, the mother of actor Brad Pitt, has always seemed to favor Jennifer Aniston over Angelina Jolie.


Even though the celebrity couple expressed their desire not to get married, one report claims they refuse to say they love each other they still seem quite content to continue adopting orphans.

According to a report with a headline: “Brad tells Mom, Love Angelina or Lose Me!” Perhaps the actor is telling his mom to pick Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Aniston. The rumors began to spark when Jane Pitt visited the actress Jennifer Aniston in California during the Father’s Day.

Not to mention, Jane and Brad Pitt’s sister Julie had visited Jennifer in Chicago in 2005 while she was filming “The Break-Up.” Jennifer Aniston also revealed that she and Jane keep in regular touch as well.



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  • nonsense

    Jennifer is an Aquarian, Angelina a Geminian. Aquarians find it difficult to be jealous or hold on to grudges forever. They are in general very humane and therefore popular. They are also known to be eccentric.

    Geminians, particularly women, are highly intelligent, incapable of holding on to any statement for any length of time, hopelessly self centred and self absorbed to the extent of being neurotic.

    Angelina is a high energy lady, very restless and desperate to create an image which she feels sure she can make the world believe, if only Brad cooperates with her every inch of the way.

    Brad has become the ultimate sucker: one can only feel sorry for him. Except the kids who must be giving him some joy, there really doesn’t seem to be anything going for him in the relationship. One doesn’t see anymore the breezy, self assured, cheerful and overly optimistic Brad Pitt; what we see now is a man who seems to have literally given up and accepted his fate.

  • joan

    well, this will not last. it has been proven over time that such relationship will not last. the foundation is shaky in the first place. time will surely prove it. we shall all see. we are watching.

  • dur

    brad should knowthis won;t last

  • kiwi

    Angelina might be a gemini (sun and mercury) and Jennifer an aquarian (sun and mercury) so they are both intelligent women, but Angelina’s pluto is in Libra which means that on a soul level, she is concerned with peace, harmony and fairness. This can be evidenced by her urge to become a UN goodwill ambassador and adopt children from around the world.

    Jennifer’s pluto is in virgo which means her soul focuses more on day to day duties, work ethic, cleanliness and order. Virgo is an introverted, practical, intelligent, no-nonsense earth sign, whereas libra is an airy idealistic, slightly impractical and tolerant sign. I think that if you pay close attention, Jennifer’s real character is evident by the roles she prefers to play and by her “Friends” character.