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Justin Bieber’s Quiet Afternoon With Some Fans

Justin Bieber was having a quiet afternoon and few good conversations.

Justin Bieber Surprisingly Punched A Fan In Barcelona

Justin Bieber surprisingly punched a fan after arriving by chauffeur-driven car for his concert at Palau Sant Jordi stadium on Tuesday night.

Justin Bieber Is Willing To Spend New Year’s Eve With A Fan For $500K

A lucky fan will have the chance to be with Justin Bieber during New Year’s Eve if you have a half million bucks to splash.

Justin Bieber Is Unhappy With Fans In U.K. Performance

Justin Bieber seemed unhappy during his performance in the UK.

Justin Bieber’s Unusual Disguise In Amsterdam

Justin Bieber chose unusual disguise when he went out for a coffee on Friday.

Justin Bieber’s Near-Assault In German Club

Justin Bieber had a near-assault incident in a German club.

Justin Bieber And Sofia Richie’s Romance Is Over

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie decided to end their one-month relationship and they moved on to meet other people.

Justin Bieber Rejects Fans’ Requests For Selfies And Autographs

Justin Bieber would no longer allow fans to enjoy requesting for selfies and autographs.

Sofia Richie Talks About Relationship And Justin Bieber In “Billboard” Interview

Sofia Richie confirmed that she has a special relationship with Justin Bieber.

What Did Justin Bieber Do After Skipping VMAs?

Although Justin Bieber skipped VMAs, he managed to give a great performance.

Justin Bieber Closes Instagram Account

Justin Bieber’s threat, which is to block fans from access to his social media accounts, becomes a reality after closing his Instagram account.

Selena Gomez Gave Justin Bieber A Piece of Advice

Selena Gomez reacted when Justin Bieber warned his fans to stop the hate to the people that he liked or else he will make his Instagram private.

Justin Bieber’s Expensive Stay On His Hawaiian Vacation

Justin Bieber will spend a lot of money during his break in Hawaii.

Did Justin Bieber Accept The Offer To Perform At A Republican Event?

Justin Bieber was offered $5 million just to perform at a Republican event during the GOP Convention.

Justin Bieber Was Lucky To Avoid Probation Violation

Justin Bieber was lucky from being saved from a situation that could have landed him in jail.