Daniel Radcliffe: Girlfriend’s Split, Talked About Post-Potter Role

Daniel Radcliffe has split with his girlfriend Laura O’Toole.


The “Harry Potter” star has been dating the actress since meeting her during his run in “Equus” on the London stage, but the couple has now decided to break up but their split seems to be academic.

Laura O’Toole’s agent revealed, “I have no idea if they are still together. Her private is her private life and I regard it as just that, private.”

But another report indicated that Laura O’Toole said, “Daniel and I are still good friends and have a good time when we see each other. But we just have to be realistic.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Radcliffe has discussed his first major role after the conclusion of the Harry Potter franchise.

It appeared that his film career largely confined to the Hogwarts grounds. But with the 18-year-old’s move into more thematically serious movies approaching, he discussed his next major project with Empire magazine.

The actor is set to star in “Journey” as Daniel Eldon, a photographic journalist who was stoned to death by a mob in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993.

He has admitted the film is not as close to commencing production as had been previously reported, saying, “There’s a lot of stuff flying around about this at the moment. I am absolutely attached to it and it would be amazing to play that part. But people are making assumptions about when it’s going to happen and it won’t happen – if indeed it does happen – for a while yet.”

Daniel Eldon’s photographs of civil war atrocities in Somalia helped draw international attention to the region and the international community’s effort to dismantle the regime of warlord General Farah Aideed.

But after a US-led bombing mistakenly killed 74 innocent men, women and children, Daniel Eldon and four colleagues were asked by survivors to take pictures of the bombed compound. Then they were surrounded, stoned and beaten to death by a hostile mob.



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    in my opinion,He’s neither very talented nor handsome.. i can’t understand the reason of his big fame..sorry…

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    u don’t know how much i looooooooooove HARRY POTTER. all the movies r great. i am one of ur biggest fans. the character is mesmerizing. way it go, dan

  • I Don’t think Dan matches Laura I reckon he should go out with Emma Watson. She’s more better looking aswell. I only think that Dan looks cute in the movies especailly in the Phillosophers Stone (1st Harry Potter Movie).

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    if daniel realy loves laura,he can say:i will wait for you.when the time comes we only say they are destiny(true love)if not he is mine..

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    Dan u are very sweet guy. And very talented. I love your every HARRY POTTER movies.Best of luck for your up comming movies.

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    I was attracted by ur acting also. It is amazing what you can do. I think that you play Harry very well. I agree with Angela about Laura. She’s not really that good looking. But if you were to date any of your co-stars I think that you and Ginny would make a great match. Just think about it, in the sixth book you guys hook up and in the movie also. Then in the seventh book like nineteen years after you defeated Voldermort you have two boys and a girl together. So you and Ginny would make a really cute, envied couple. Although I wouldn’t mind dating you. In fact I would LLLLOOOVVVEEE to date you Danny.

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    Its none of our busniess if you two broke up. why do people really care its not like they would ever get to date you; so why go on and on about it? Yes you are kind of hot, but your face looks like robert p’s. Soin a way you are hot. Harry Potter is a really good series, I’m glad that you were picked to be Harry Potter and not someone else. You fit the roll really well.

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    This movie “Journey” seems like the perfect role for Daniel Radcliffe to get hmimself into. It was fun to see him as Harry Potter and to watch him grow into the actor that he’s become. I really admire him for not getting so wrapped up in the Harry Potter franchise. So many actors start to believe in themselves as the roles that made them who they are, but not Daniel. Good luck in your career as an actor Daniel – can’t wait to see that day when you’ll receive an Academy Award for something outstanding. Not that Harry wasn’t outstanding.

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    Je sais que tu ne veux pas être Harry Potter mais un acteur commme les autres et je te comprend. Je ne t’admire pas mais je trouve que tu joues très bien ton rôle dans Harry Potter et tes autres films.

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