David Archuleta Honors Michael Jackson In NJ

Last night, David Archuleta paid his respects to the Jackson Family, with a small speech during his performance in PAC Center Newark, NJ.

David Archuleta

After the American Idol alum paid his respects to Michael Jackson, he sings the song entitled “You Can”.

Meanwhile, David continued to tweet about Michael Jackson. Here are his posts:

Hello. In Boston now. Listening to MJ along with everyone else lol. Gettin’ my groove on with The Way You Make Me Feel right now.about 16 hours ago from web

Ah, I can’t get over MJ. I know everyone’s talking about it but he deserves the respect. I hope people will appreciate what he’s done.10:36 AM Jun 26th from web

Oh my heck…. Really really sad to hear about Michael :(6:35 AM Jun 26th from web



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  • N Smith

    I was at the concert.

    Demi Lovato never said a word about Michael Jackson. She also never acknowledged David Archuleta for opening for her. David on the other hand mentioned Demi several times and got the audience pumped up for her appearance.

    David was excellent and his talent is unbelievable! His voice is so wonderful, you almost wondered if he was lip syncing but it was obvious he wasn’t! David is the greatest!!! As for Demi Lovato, we should have left right after David was done.

  • sasha

    David Archuleta–class act–classy talent–luv him!!

  • angelica

    i’m so touched to hear this speech… david archuleta is such a sweet guy. i’m gonna miss micheal jackson i miss his moonwalking he is so cool i wish that he is still alive now i love you micheal jackson and david archuleta!