Elin Nordegren Was Smiling After Dentist Appointment

Elin Nordegren was smiling to the photographers when she went to a car after her appointment with the dentist.

Elin Nordegren

The Swedish model was wearing tight yoga pants and a tank top baring her buff arms.

On having a little school pride, Elin has been enrolled part-time at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, pursuing a psychology degree.



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  • Nolan Madding

    This press conference/apology session merely exhibited Tiger’s clout over the media. He owes no one but his family his sincere apology. We the fans need to wait for his return to golf and make the game so much more exciting. It again proves that he’s as strong as ever in media sell. If nothing else, it’s a show to sponsors who so readily drop him that they’ve made a mistake. He’s done nothing wrong as a professional golfer and the game of golf.