Emma Watson Dating A Rugby Player

Emma Watson, a star in the movie “Harry Potter”, is reportedly dating a teenage rugby player. The 16-year-old actress is dating Tom Ducker.


Tom Ducker, 16, has already signed to the prestigious London Wasps Academy rugby-training club.
An insider revealed, “They began dating last September and are very cozy with each other.”

Emma Watson is popularly known for her role in the Harry Potter films. In the film, she played the role of “Hermione Granger”, a friend of Harry Potter.



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  • Sarah Smith

    I think it is cool! She deserves to get a boyfriend and settle down after years of Harry Potter movies. You Go Girl!

  • Sarah Smith

    I Love Emma Watson!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kl

    they are just mates

  • Saqib & Anyees

    don’ think he’s cool enough, i mean we guys here in kashmir are lot better, in terms of looks ‘n everythin’, & diehard adventurous
    so, i think she deserves a lot better than tom …i bet if she’s goin for looks & adventure & if she sees some of my friends’ pics (including me), she’s definitely goin to fall for (almost) everyone of us, [atleast, i’m sure of myself,]
    daniel , rubert & tom are smart for sure, but, i’m afraid, they don’t stand a chance in font of us……
    & as for being bilingual, most of us can speak no less than 4-5 languages, & as of sports we are into adventure sports, like bunjee jumping, river rafting, gliding,rock climbing, snow skeeing, horse riding , cricket , football……
    so, in the end, i think tom’s not worthy enough of her..& so, she should decide for herself.
    but she should atleast get better than tom……..

  • Mark

    Well good luck Saqib and Anyees. You’ve convinced me. Im not sure weather it was your arrogance or confidence, but you have won me over. Lets start dating. (Im being sarcastic just in case there is no sarcasm in Kashmir)