Emma Watson Is Looking For Bilingual Boyfriend

Emma Watson, a star of the film “Harry Potter”, is on the lookout for a bilingual boyfriend.


The young actress is bombarded with letters from male fans of the wizard movies, but she admits she is looking for a boy who can speak many languages.

She revealed, “I am not really into any particular type, but I do like guys who are into sport and love it when they speak two or three different languages. Yeah, that really does it for me.”



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  • bara

    I speak two languages fluently, Arabic, and ofcourse english, and I know a few turkish and french words, is that ok? oh, and I love sports, soccer, table tennis, squash, vollyball, to name a few. hehe

  • unknown


  • antonio

    I speak four languages fluently, italian , dutch, french and english. I love sport I play in a soccer team.

  • Jakob

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title s Celebrity Blog. Thanks for informative article

  • Dhawal

    Hi Emma!!
    I wanna friendship with you

    I am from India
    would you like to make friendship with me?

  • Dhawal

    Hi Emma!!

    I am from India.
    I wanna friendship with you
    please call me….

  • antonio

    hey Emma
    i wanna friendship with you
    pleas call miiii fashion_rital9@hotmail.com




  • blair

    i speak english =) and a little german. I play football, lacrosse, ad basketball. i have watched all the Harry Potter movies numerous times. i am 13. i just watched your latest movie and i cant get you out of my head. please email me at grizzell101@yahoo.com.

    from (love), blair

  • mrhello

    omg yall realy desperate, this is never gonna reach her and if it does, what makes u think she is ever gona even look at u, plz niggas, get a life and find a local girl

  • Pete


    I cant speak fluent English,

    And of course the most magnificent language of em’ all…

    Broad Scottish. ;D

    Here’s Tae Us! Fa’s Like Us? Dam**ed Few An’ they’re A’ Deid.


    Aye she’s a bonnie quine ah’l say that..

  • Twink

    Seriously, like a celebrity is going to go out with online fans. I think most celebrity relationships are more of a buisness arrangement then anything else.

  • LukaS

    HI Emma

    My name is Lukas andrea bulat.

    i lived in Canada a long time,so i speak english very well.
    i play soccer very good.

    there are a lot of boys that like you but i am not one of them because I LOVE YOU.
    if i interest you hears mail LukaSbuXi@yahoo

  • mrhello

    f**king loser , look at this guy. “HI Emma” dumb**s this is not even a real offical site from emma watson, AN STOP POSTING UR EMAILS U LOSERs, what makes u think that anybody is even gonna contact u , why dont u just go die by urlself loney losers

  • lance

    you are so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!call me chick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Conquistador

    You guys she is never going to read this stuff and if she does you are not going to her from her yeah she’s HOT, but she does not read this stuff so give it a rest.

  • josephart

    am ready to mary you

  • josephart

    emma pli z ineed as my wife
    iwill be very commited to you.

  • shavin

    Hi emma

    My name is Shavin Anganan.

    i came from mauritius, i’m here since one year. i speak creole my first language english and french.i like playing soccer and badminton. Since i saw u, i can’t get u out of my head. please email me at shavinanganan@yahoo.ca.

  • Rui

    I love emma Watson and i speak some of spanish, italian and french, english and portuguese and i’m free :P:P:P I LOVE U EMMA marry me

  • maligna

    I am not man but we can be friends

  • iure

    I am Brazilian and nobody loves emma more than I am.

  • Wiliam

    I disagree fully from Iure he is the person who loves you more because that person is me, I know how to speak 3 languages and he does not because he can speak only 2 out of him he’s cool but not more than I do we’d love you meet or talk with you by the computer it is impossible for us to know you personally! Ah Iure is super similar to the actor as harry potter but you will not want it right?

  • mother off mrhello

    fuck you mrhello fuck off

  • anonymous

    “mrhello” is right u guys are fucking retarded like she would have ever heard of this site and u asking her to call you

  • phillip

    well hello 2 u all.
    Just to let u know that Emma Watson real official website is http://www.emmawatsonofficial.com/# go check it out.

    To all u harry potter fans just to let u know that Dumbledore dies in the 6th book apparently killed by snape. And Harry dies in the last book well for a while at least. Harry is the final horcrux and needs to die before Voldemort can be killed. Resigned to his fate, Harry sacrifices himself to Voldemort, but is not killed. After the battle reaches a climax, Harry kills Voldemort with the elder wand.

    holla at me.
    email me at http://www.tinyphill@hotmail.com

  • phillip


    Harry has married Ginny Weasley and has three children named James, Albus Severus, and Lily. Ron has married Hermione and they have two children named Rose and Hugo. Draco has a child named Scorpius.

    i just thought i would fill u lot in.

  • chintan

    hey emma
    i really love u and i think ur the most beautiful girl in the world.
    by the way i am from india and i can speak english, french, hindi, bengali and gujarati. so pls contact me on my email id (chintan_2020@hotmail.com)
    ur a terrific actress and ur very hot and sexy.
    best of luck
    with love

  • guy who loves u

    Hi, my first language is french but I speak english very well and a little bit of spanish, I’m from Québec, Canada, and I play hockey, basketball and soccer, but I love all the sports. I would like to be your boyfriend I you want so.

  • Bratzz of the Philippines

    But the truth is a really like her.. but how can i if i’m so far away from there.. so all i have is this words that actually have no effect.. for so many fans that she has.. i have no concern if she sees me or not.. so good luck for all

  • Bratzz of the Philippines

    love you so, because of you, i hate tahat i love you so, umbrella,

  • Bratzz of the Philippines

    :)) be happy

  • saif

    hi ..i m saif ..i know u r not emma watson
    … if u r so proove …….. reply me your new friend
    and next time plz …your real name plz

  • Utsav

    I know you’re a busy girl with no one around u, with whom u could share you heart.
    But I bet this kind of announcement of seeking a boyfriend is not just the solution.
    As u can see I too like u but i have no way I could talk to u and share my feelings for u as personally as i want.
    Million & billion people would be loving u {perhaps even more than me} but after all thats what makes u SPECIAL TO ME.

  • Utsav

    You’re the GIRL OF MY DREAMS……………………………..

  • nicholas laney

    Hi Emma!I read your message at the top,I speak spanish,french,japenese,turkish,german,araibic,english and dutch.i play in orchestra and band.i play dodge ball,basket ball,an foot ball.if you can reply,call me at 419-935-1859 or e-mail me at grindlevald5@yahoo.com.bye

  • i messed up on my e-mail,emma its grindlevald5@yahoo.com

  • wendy

    hi emma if it is really you then please reply

  • wendy

    hi emma im wendy
    i was wondering if
    you really are emma
    watson if not then
    how can you be sure

  • NOOR

    hello guys, i just want to inform u that uir stupid in an inredible way cuz if this information was right she wouldnt have published it here, she would have published it in her official wbsite. also she wouldnt look for ordinary boyfriend, she would have looked for a famous boyfriend like Daniel or Robert.i am just telling u if this advertisement was real, i would have went to britain myself and if it was real they wouldnt have published your messages online, they would have sent it to her personal e-mail.

  • Sorry;)

    I speak 6 languages ( English, dutch (first language), French, Deutch, Latin and Greek, but Latin and Greek are not all) A sports If I can every day, Emma I LOVE YOU, HERE I COME

  • XNT

    Hi I’m a Hacker guy…If you liked to chat with some one I’m ready…I can get along with everyone easily. HAVE NICE TIME.

  • tehmastera

    look everyone, i know how you all feel….last year even i mailed something saying that i loved her but thats only because i was stupid enough to believe this and i know it hurts to hear that but you really shouldnt fall for this….. emma wouldnt want any of you as boyfriends because she doesnt even know you………

  • Khai

    Im speak 3 languages fluently malay, english and arabic.. I know few korean, mandarin, japanese, french, italian, spanish, tagalog and german languages.. Im active in basketball, soccer, swimming and badminton.. By the way i live in brunei.. Ehe..

  • Talish

    by the im Talish ,
    i just turned 14 on the 20th of this but i look like an adult
    im 6 feet tall
    as heard i can speak 4 languages
    as im from india i can speak hindi and marathi
    urdu is my mother tongue
    i play cricket at the state level
    looking forward to your reply
    at talish_best@yahoo.com

  • I speak 7 languages. English, chinesse, french, spanish, italian, turkish and kiswahili. I wil alwayz be der 4 her no mater wat hapens. I play sports and i am very gud at it. Golf, soccer( football) basketball, swimming, and athletics.

  • I can be with her. I love her alot.

  • riza


  • Brian

    I have studied German, Russian, classical Greek and Malay-Indonesian. My native language is English. I lived in Malaysia for eight years and, therefore, my best non-English language is Malay-Indonesian. My favorite sports are American ones, baseball and American football. I have a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering.

  • Unknow

    Hi. There are not many people with your ability to speak many lenguages; i can speak spanish and i think to learn many lenguages more. Studying

  • Harriet Cox

    good luck

  • Atharva

    I can speak hindi marathi english

  • vishroot

    hi,emma i’m from india i want to make friendship with you.please mail me in vishrootjalan13@gmail.com

  • vishroot

    hi emma i can speak hindi,english and a bit french.I know how to write 2 kinds of handwriting normal and calligraphy.I know how to play vollyball,hockey,cricket,soccer,badminton,and tabletenis.please mail me on vishrootjalan13@gmail.com or vishrootjalan@yahoo.in

  • Léo

    Tell me Emma,where do you live? Do you like your neighborhood?

  • Léo


  • vishroot

    Hi Emma do you love music.

  • Prathmesh

    Hi emma i am from india,& of your age, loved sports & pc games. I had passed C.A entrance exam recently & started my carieer as charted accountant,soon enough i will be meet u so that i may thank u 4 becoming my idol. I was desparet 2 see face 2 face but thought that u had yours destiny, u know what 2 become in your life, so i decided to become C.A & then 2 meet u it will take 3 yrs 2 become C.A. if u read this pls rply

  • Mealani

    Can you email me! I love the Harry Potter series!You are such a great Hermione!

  • philip

    hi emma i love you from philip xx

  • philip

    hi emma you can com over to my house

  • kakashi-san

    you need to see me.you must.there’s something important to discuss……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


    hi i can speak german and little english and russisch and emma is
    so cool i like you emma

  • Awesome, i really enjoyed reading your post.

  • Sonny

    Hi, there is not too much about me i have to say however i speak spanish and english. I was born in Spain malaga and i was raised there for about 3 maybe 4 years i cant remeber correctly, anyway i play football, tennis, squash, badminton i swim i normally just play against friends ive also would love to skii i think it would be a hobby. Im an honest guy and to be honest i dont really approach not in talking to them but i mean i give them their space, anyway hope you could email me back or something. Email: sonnyses@gmail.com

  • diptajit

    god are all u people just got released from an mental asylum or wat? u really bliv that all of dese heart-rendering messages of urs gonna reach the so called “Emma Watson”. ha ha ha ha ha , this has to be the joke of the century. man grow up and face the reality its ur waking call ringing dude. wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • asdfsadfasdf

    Hi, Emma Watson.
    It seems that you want to lead a normal life.
    Play hard, be a nerd, and you will get your normal life.
    Try c++, assembly and opengl. If you master those
    languages, you should be able to build a game.
    Female soccer game would be nice, wouldn’t it?
    I’m sure you can master it easily with your talents


    Hi cat how are you? do you know i am waiting for your E-mail. and i know you are a good girl.

  • kiran

    Hi Emma
    I am Kiran from India I like you so much Emma your so cute I know 5 language. waiting for your reply plz