Emma Watson: New Face of Chanel?

Emma Watson, a star of Harry Potter, is going to be the new face of Chanel, according to media reports.


The 17-year-old actress has reportedly struck a deal with the French fashion house, signing a contract worth around $4 million (GBP2 million), reports British newspaper the Daily Express.

Emma Watson was spotted at several Potter premieres around the world recently wearing a different Chanel dress each time.



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  • louise

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    my dream is to become a singer and meet u as a fellow celebrity and go 4 drinks and clubs and stuff
    so plz email me bk

  • rahhh rahhh superstar

    ya gay, louise. get a life retard.

  • 3894

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  • iz

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  • pati190

    hey hey hey xD
    stop laughing at Louise.
    Everyone has dreams ..
    I want to be an actress.
    And it’s fine wif Louise that she know what
    she wants and what she’s gonna do in the future.
    And if u have no idea for future just shut up and get own with your life.
    What about Emma .. she’s kewl 🙂
    better than Keira.