Jennifer Aniston Sent Message To Brad Pitt About Angelina Jolie

According to the report, Jennifer Aniston sent a message to Brad Pitt. The message includes “See – I told you so”, on what the actor faces now with a self-admitted “moody” Angelina Jolie.


There is also a claim that the message come after Brad Pitt allegedly tried to discourage Jennifer Aniston from visiting his mother, as their closeness reportedly upsets Angelina Jolie.

Tiffany Law, the close friend of Jennifer Aniston, revealed, “Jen felt all along that Brad’s new romance may not be all it was cracked up to be. The news that Brad and Ange are reportedly on the rocks come as no shock. Jen told Brad: ‘You have made your bed – now you have to lie in it’. Angelina has started to boss Brad around in a way Jen never did.”

The arguments have been reported from political differences to soy milk, and the fact that Brad Pitt is tired of being dragged all over the globe by the self-proclaimed ‘stay at home mom” Angelina Jolie.



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  • chip

    I’m sorry Jennifer, do you not know your hot. Whats the problem? Oh, You want someone to want you for you?. Then be you…..

  • Sam

    Unlucky Brad..sorry mate but I have to agree with jen on this 1. u got wat u deserved brad..ur a twat for leaving jen..but now she’s got a hot new lad who doesn’t have a grey beard!

  • sue

    Yep, Brad is dumb as dirt. I guess he never thought someone like the knife weilding, brother toungeing, carpet munching, crazy,Angelina would be hard to live with! DUMB*SS!

  • Joliesmyrolemodel

    OMG! Jen needs to get over it. Brad is gone he has a family. She needs to quit crying about it. He is a big boy and of course Ange is going to be moody she has kids every one with children is at one point!

  • joan

    i wish the three were rading these. brad sould know that such relationship don’t last. when hi marriage was ‘shaky’ e could have talked it over with his wife,talk to God before whom he made a vow to his wife and i’m 100% sure there would have been a solution. God judges the heart of every man and he knows our thought. he even has the power turn people’s marriage around for GOOD. there could’t have been any good in this relationship he’s in. in the long run time will tell.

  • dur

    well,rad should know this wont last.time will tell

  • hi brad ilove you very much and iwant to see you face to face and ilike to be an actress like you ihope you will take me to holywood
    ihate my live if i didnt be an actress and iwant to be your daughter
    ihope you answerwdme on my email

  • Jo

    well it just goes to show that some people are wrong coz im afraid that they are still together despitethe rumors, and tbh im happy for them 🙂