Jessica Alba’s Magazine Wish

Jessica Alba wishes women’s magazines were filled with men’s s*xual organs.


The “Sin City” star doesn’t think it is fair that men’s magazines are packed with pictures of virtually n@ked women, while the publications she reads don’t have any n@ked guys in them.

The actress revealed, “Men’s magazines have nipples so why don’t women have a magazine where men show their p*nises? There’s Playgirl but not a fashion magazine like Elle.”

The actress added, “If there was a magazine like that I’d buy it. Nudity’s not a big deal to me.”

Although the 26-year-old actress won’t be n@ked on screen, she likes to see other people bare all in the name of entertainment. Jessica Alba clarified: “I’ve said I won’t go n@ked in any of my movies, because I don’t want to. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see other people strip off!”



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  • jeff kim

    Jessica Alba rebuttal

    According to this article on Jessica Alba’s comments on male nudity in magazines, it seems she feels that there is an inequality in male-female exposure in magazines. This is true. But where does this inequality really lie? The inequality does not lie with the exploitation of females (there’s enough of that going around already). But, in fact, it is exactly the opposite. And, it is based solely on what the magazine buyer is willing to purchase. “Money talks and everything else walks.”

    How naive can Alba be? Does she really believe a large enough percentage of women are willing to pay 8 dollars a piece for buck-naked men’s magazines? Does she really think that it will sell enough copies to be solvent? Is she really willing to buy these magazines (on a regular basis), to support that industry? There are simply not enough women, interested in, desperately horny enough, drooling with sexuality, that are also willing to pay the exorbitant prices of comparative men’s magazines, to keep any company in business. Women are not the horny dogs that we men are. Women are not subject to the same, equal, stressful, life-governing sexual urges of males. Most women could care less about men’s buff magazines. Oh, they may laugh and buy one for curiosity’s sake, but not as a steady diet that men choose to burden themselves with, with “Girlie Magazines.”

    Sex is man’s crutch. It is a burden that will never go away and publishers know how to make money from it. Hire good looking women, take naked pictures of them, and make a fortune selling these magazines to men. Men are the ones being exploited by all the raw, naked women’s pictures. Men are the ones who pay dearly for the sexual dreams of graphic satisfactions. Women are getting screwed??? Excuse me? Men are slaves to the realities of their biological urges, and publishers reap the rewards.

    Grow up.

  • cameron

    lots of women would buy it. they dont have to be desperately h*rny

  • jeff kim

    Look who the dumb fuck is. If “lots of women would buy it,” as you so intelligently say, then why don’t magazine publishers take the opportunity to make hundreds of millions of dollars from just that? Huh? Money talks, asshole. You’re so stupid you didn’t even see that in my above post.

    Answer the questions honestly, you moron. If “lots of women would buy it,” then why don’t magazine publishers reap the rewards from giving all these women what they want….while they laugh all the way to the bank?

    If the remark is true, (that Alba said that about male genitals in a magazine), then she did nothing more than show her ignorance, naivete, and lack of understanding of the business world…, just like you.

    Grow up.