Jessica Simpson Is Jealous With Carrie Underwood Because of Tony Romo’s Messages

Jessica Simpson has sparked rumors that she was jealous of country singer Carrie Underwood.

Jessica Simpson

Another angle gave way to the recent Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson split besides her dad Joe Simpson.

Tony dated Carrie from Thanksgiving Day 2006 to the middle of 2007. After their split, Tony kept in touch with Carrie over email and text, and continued to do so after he hooked up with Jessica.

The source revealed, “(Jessica) is really upset that (Tony’s) still communicating with Carrie. She had specifically asked Tony to stop.”

When Carrie Underwood split with Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford, Jessica Simpson felt insecure after early this year interestingly over text. Jessica feared that Carrie might re-enter Tony’s life.

After going through a rough patch, Tony and Jessica are now back together. The two, who were not seen together for 15 days before Ashlee’s wedding to Pete on May 17, came together for the wedding. Following the wedding they have been seen together frequently.

However, a college friend of Tony told Bill Zwecker that Romo’s getting back with Jessica was “a trial thing” conditional on Joe “leaving them alone.”



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  • Tony Romo

    nice read.. Tony Romo is an obvious player.

  • julienna

    you see carrie isn’t lying about the calls it was a problem for little jealous jessica since the beginning of their relationship she has always been the jealous inseure crazy annoying girlfriend, poor carrie!… jessica wont leave her alone…insecurity is really ugly and jessica she may think she is slamming carrie but she is making herself look really catty mean and nasty…seriously she could win an emmy in the sequel to the movie “mean girls” this may be her hit movie all she would have to do is act like herself…she could actually win something for once.