John Mayer: Jennifer Aniston Is My Oscar Date

John Mayer is going to the Oscars this Sunday as he revealed on his NYC interview.

John Mayer

The “Gravity” singer said during an NYC interview Tuesday: “It’s my first Oscars. And it’s my first being an Oscar boyfriend.”

John Mayer will likely be joining on-again girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, who’s presenting. It’ll be the first run-in Aniston has had with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are both nominated.

He continued: “After that night, I have a deal almost signed in blood that says I must go into the studio and finish this record. So after Oscar Sunday, Monday morning, I’m invisible.”

John Mayer says it’s his “goal” to not be on blogs for “at least three months.

He added: “That would mean I’m working. So it was great to win some Grammys, but I’m happy to get back to work.”

Jennifer Aniston is rumored to be a presenter and it would be so amazing to see the happy couple walking the red carpet together this weekend.



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  • Carla Sith

    Does anyone know if he’s going to perform at the Oscars as well? That would be great – I loved his performance at the Grammy’s. I saw Marley and Me this weekend after reading an EverHype ( review that gave it 3.5 stars and called it “Pleasing.” It was a very cute movie, and I loved the chemistry between Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston – they were very natural together.