Johnny Depp Kennels His Dangerous Dogs

Johnny Depp allegedly kennels his two aggressive Rottweilers in Anaheim, California. It is because he can’t bare to have them around his young kids.


The Hollywood actor pays hefty fees at the Crossroads Country Club Pet Resort to house his pets, Red + Blue, because he’d rather hand over the cash than destroy his dogs.

A source revealed, “Johnny can’t bring himself to have them put down, so he pays $2,000-a-month on each dog for them to be kept in a kennel.”

An employee at Crossroads has confirmed that the actor’s dogs are housed there.
The insider added, “They’ve been here a couple of years.”



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  • kathy

    I don’t blame him to keep his dogs in the kennels.You hate to put them down,but you don’t want them hurt the kids.

  • I also own Rottweilers but mine are well socialized and are great around all of my family, friends and children. I think that being in a kennel for 2 years is not fair to the dogs. I do not think they should be put down but I feel that they should be given to someone like “The Dog Whisperer” for rehabilation and to have the oppertunity to find a new home after their rehabilation.