Johnny Depp’s Gangster Role For Upcoming Movie

Johnny Depp is set to go gangster for the upcoming movie “Public Enemies,” where he will play notorious real-life mobster John Dillinger, according to a report.


Michael Mann, the “Collateral” and “Ali” director, will helm as well as write the flick. The film is set to begin shooting in Chicago this March.

The drama, which is based on the 2004 novel of the same name, is set during the 1933-34 crime wave where J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI was on the prowl for such infamous criminals like Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson.



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  • Rudy Gutierrez

    Hi Johnny,

    I’m excited to see this new movie. You have been a major inspiration to all us writers…and will continue to be for many years to come.
    Alot of stories have been written long before anyone really knew who who you were, saddly enough. And after us writers learned of you and your many talents, we all dug up our old stories and thought…”Wouldn’t that be great if Mr. Depp was the star in our show.
    And with these old stories, all a sudden have…new life and are re-born.
    I will always be a big fan and great admirer of you and your many, many great talents. Peace, Rudy Gutierrez

  • vickie

    Johnny is the man I love him he is not afraid to play any role he goes for the art not the money (or that is how I see it) Love him watch out Vannessa