Kate Middleton’s Mom Talked Up About Impact of Public Scrutiny

Carole, who is the mother of Kate Middleton, has been the model of discretion after her daughter was first courted by Prince William more than five years ago.

Carole Middleton And Kate Middleton

The glamorous businesswoman opened up as she voice her concerns about the impact that public scrutiny is having on her life.

Speaking at the Hennessy Gold Cup, at Newbury racecourse, just a few miles from her house in Berkshire, the mother of Kate Middleton revealed: “You see, I feel very vulnerable about everything. I’m not a celebrity and don’t want to be one. Celebrities have minders and PR people. I don’t want a PR person and wouldn’t want to have to pay to employ one. I haven’t asked for all this.”

The 53-year-old former air stewardess, who owned a successful mail-order company providing children’s party paraphernalia, continued: “I’m concerned about my business; that’s my focus. I don’t want the attention to detract from that. I’m also worried for my family: I have three children – not just Catherine.”

Carole Middleton has been subjected to much criticism for her alleged faux pas, such as being captured by television cameras chewing gum during Prince William’s passing-out ceremony at Sandhurst in 2006. It was also claimed that she used the word “toilet” and phrases such as “pleased to meet you” and “pardon” when introduced to the Queen.

It turned out that she has never met Her Majesty. The gum that she was chewing during the passing-out ceremony was actually a nicotine substitute that she needed to help her give up smoking.

Carole Middleton also express her concern about the media glare on her son, James. She added: “James is very good with it all. He writes articles and has business projects which he wants to talk about, but then it’s difficult when everything else is going on around him and people don’t just want to know about his projects.”



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  • E.

    So, Carole Middleton is keen on protecting her children?
    One would argue that she would be aware of the fact that protecting her children is best done by avoiding to court the media.

    This whole thing is laughingly silly to read. Here this woman is complaining about how her son, James, has to deal with the media when just recently he gave an interview to The Telegraph! It’s scary how everywhere you look the Middleton’s are doing interviews with different magazines/newspapers. Pippa has done it, James has done it and now Carole is doing it. Kate herself has “complained” about the media intrusion in her life yet the question that can be asked is, why the smile on her face everytime she is being photographed?
    If you are so annoyed with the paparazzi, why smile 100% of the time you are being photographed by people you consider to be intruding on your life?

    I give credit to William, Harry and even Chelsy.
    I have never seen any of them walk around with big grins on their faces whenever or everytime the paparazzi where there. Kate on the other hand smiles from here to there from photo number 1 to photo number 289, ALL….THE….TIME, the smile never disappears or takes a rest. Something just doesn’t seem very genuine with that. Something seems very very odd indeed with how she behaves towards people she files lawsuits against.

    Pippa, Kate’s younger sister, has been going to so many VIP parties that have had nothing at all to do with the responsibilities of her job as a Party Planner.
    Carole, who is being obviously hypocritical seeing that she is speaking to the press, has broken her word of never speaking or doing an interview in order to protect her daughter’s relationship with William.
    This is a woman who should understand that loyalty means everything to William and the rest of The Royal Family. One of the things William must have liked about Kate and her family must have been their discretion.
    Now (with all of them doing interviews for different magazines/newspapers) William and The Royal Family must be second guessing the Middletons and their intentions. I know I would.
    What kind of discretion are the Middleton’s practising?
    Is it the kind of discretion that benefits from it’s links with a young Prince?
    Or perhaps the kind of discretion that promises to be discreet to a young Prince but goes behind his back and gives out interviews to further it’s own agenda?

    I know I’d like to know the definition of the Middleton’s surprising definition of discretion and I know I’m not the only one. Every person I have come across with who have read or heard of Carole’s, James’ and Pippa’s interviews have reacted with a loss of respect towards the Middleton’s. Why? Because of their now obviously relentless pursuit for media attention.

    Being involved with a Prince and talking to the media is a No No to anyone with a brain. I was a firm believer that the Middleton’s had brains (like the rest of humankind) but by the looks of things I am begining to wonder.

    So much for their “discretion” and “loyalty” towards William.

    How can he trust someone if they can’t be private about certain things?

    By courting the media they are in turn risking William’s private life.
    That is a very dangerous thing to do to the second in line to the British Throne.
    If it were another guy it would be less worrysome but we are talking about Prince William. Privacy is one of the most important things in his life and EVERYONE KNOWS that. Heck, his friends, his family and the ENTIRE world KNOWS that, so WHY on earth hasn’t his girlfriend and her family figured it out like the rest of us?!

    I mean, we aren’t the ones dating him! Kate is! She hasn’t been doing a good job lately of being a discreet partner to a Prince who needs her to be discreet (because of the unique situation that he is in and will be for the rest of his life). If he can give her the respect of protecting her private life then why can’t she and the rest of the Middleton clan give him the respect of not going to the media like they have?

    I used to think that Kate wouldn’t sell him out but by the looks of things it’s probably only a matter of time until she does…

  • i agree

    i think it’s a disgrace what carol has done

  • Sarah

    I am shocked at how Kates mother is handling this.She should be smarter about this because she will make William wonder why he is dating a girl who has a mother that talks to the press.This looks really bad.