Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Reflects Her Military Protest

Lady Gaga explained her raw meat dress at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards didn’t mean message against animal rights.

Lady Gaga

The “Poker Face” singer, who wore a dress made by Franc Fernandez, showed her protest against the military policy “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

She also supported her gay fans that have served and have been discharged under the policy.



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  • Federico Blankschan

    Gaga is disgusting and this meat dress is indeed the most perverted and narcissistic thing I’ve ever seen an entertainer pull-off. She is not just pushing the envelop she is political and trying to push a personal agenda, I believe she is on some kind of mission. While most entertainers are allowed a certain license of eccentricity to get away with outlandish antics this is just way overboard. This woman is need of some serious therapy and I believe in the near future everyone is going see that eventually. Lady gaga…as has aptly named herself, but she is hardly a Lady!

  • Bev Murdock

    as an american… individuals can wear no matter they like i assume its a free country. as a vegetarian i find it morally deeply offensive…as a local american i find the hubris on this excess and the entire disrespect for the animal completely disgusting and despairing, too. This serves no function for her and the animals died for no use aside from “cosmetic” purposes. The moral void here is alarming and very very sad