Madonna Will Looked After Adopted Son Despite Divorce

Madonna has reassured the father of her adopted son, David Banda, that the little boy’s future is safe despite her impending divorce.

David And Madonna

The singer sent a message to Yohane Banda in Malawi explaining that her marriage to film director Guy Ritchie has broken up.

Custody of the the star’s children, including three-year-old David, is said to be a major bone of contention between the warring couple.

However, Madonna dispatched Philippe van den Bossche, executive director of her charity Raising Malawi, to visit Mr. Banda and allay his fears.

Mr. Banda revealed: “The meeting was between me, Philippe van den Bossche and a female translator from the orphanage. He told me that the aim of the meeting was to tell me the latest developments in the marriage between Madonna and her husband, Guy Ritchie.

He continued: “They told me it is true there may be a divorce, but that currently they are sorting out issues in court. I had never met Madonna’s representatives since my child was taken by Madonna so for me this was a big opportunity. Philippe told me that Madonna herself will come soon to explain to me everything, but that for the time being I must stay calm because the welfare of David will be well looked after.”

He added: “I welcome the opening of lines of communication between me and her because I believe they will help iron out a number of concerns that I have had for some time.”

Mr Banda placed David in the Home of Hope orphanage after his wife died. He said that in the event of a custody battle “I would want my son to go to Madonna”.

The singer has a son, Rocco, with Ritchie, and a daughter, Lourdes, from a previous relationship with personal trainer Carlos Leon. She is reported to be planning a new life in the US, while Ritchie wants the children to remain in England.



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  • Karla

    I have been wanting to comment on Madonna, in general, for a long time. Mostly because for years I was her biggest fan; had all her albums and knew all her songs-as well as saw all her movies and TV performances.
    I think it is extremely fowl that I have tried numerous times in the past to get tickets to one of her shows when she was nearby, and either they sold out too fast, or the price was just absolutely ridiculous. That in no way is cool to your fans. And her extreme attention seeking is getting boring. A grown woman, especially, with children, and if she is as complete as she states she is, would not continually need the attention she obviously craves. She is so into herself, that the opinions of anyone else don’t matter to her(I have heard her say that)-but maybe she should start listening. She must know her hairstyle and color she has had for the last like 9 years is horrible, and the muscles she has hideous. Her legs and arms don’t look womanly or sexy at all-and she has no curves or meat on her bones…it is not womanly or beautiful—it’s ugly and disgusting. I wish someone with money like hers, would dress better as well; it appears as though she just throws whatever on-she always appears disheveled.
    I’m not in anyway a fan any longer and it’s just because it is all getting too old. A 50 year old should not be going on tour-that’s just ridiculous, and shame on those who paid to see that show. I mean, her ego is so bad-that I think she adopted that kid just to get attention….she must be so jealous of Angelina Jolie-whho is actually an ambassador. Madonna thinks her shit don’t stink! She should also do something about her hormones…she is just too horny, too much of the time-she shouldn’t date the way she does with kids.